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Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson 36X15.50R20LT 126Q MIK BAJA LEGEND MTZ

Mickey Thompson 36X15.50R20LT 126Q MIK BAJA LEGEND MTZ

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The Baja Legend MTZ is combination of the Baja Legend and Baja M/T, this versatile mud terrain was design to deliver excellent performance and traction both on and off road. It features all of Mickey Thompsons top design elements like the sidebiter, powerply 3 ply sidewall and T4 compounds, with a reduction in overall tread siping. This tire would definitely be recommended for the serious off roader that also wants features that will accommodate on road performance. If most of your time is spent off road the Legend MTZ is a great fit. If you’re looking for more aggressive off roader I would suggest the Baja M/T. Both the hybrid Baja Boss A/T and the Legend EXP come with a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty so if your looking for a tire that will hold up miles down the road, then definitely look at these two as longer term tires.

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