About Us

The Pit Stop Tire Pros has been a locally owned and operated automotive service, maintenance, repair and accessory store in the heart of the Rocky Mountains Since 1983.

We take pride in giving our customers the best advice and consultation regarding their vehicle repairs and maintenance as well as where to get the best help from other automotive businesses in our area. Meaning, we pride ourselves on helping people with their automotive needs regardless of what is needed and who to trust with your vehicle. We decided to take this company mindset to the public at large by offering products and advice through our website here at pitstopoverland.com.

Our site reflects the outdoor enthusiasts need for equipping your vehicle for all types of adventures, camping, hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors. All the aspects of the Rocky Mountain Lifestyle.

If you have any questions about a vehicle build or tires & fitment please send us an emailĀ at Info@pitstopoverland.com