Tire load ratings

Some tire load ratings listed may fall below the factory specifications if tire searches are based on size only. Be sure you are ordering the correct size and ply (4, 6, 8, 10 P metric vs LT metric) based on what your vehicle was equipped with from factory. Purchasing tires based on size, you the user will assume all liability if the load ratings are incorrect.

If you have any question feel free to reach out to us at Info@pitstopoverland.com

Tire & Wheel fitment Disclaimer:

The Pit Stop Tire Pros (@PitstopOverland.com) is not responsible for tire, wheel, or suspension modifications or height regulations within the state you reside in or by federal law. You will carry the responsibility for checking local, state and federal laws regarding your vehicle before purchasing.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning!


Warranty (How do I get a tire(s) warrantied?)

If you need to get tires warrantied email us at info@pitstopoverland.com. Please include your name, email, original receipt number, and rotation receipt records.

Tire installation (Can I install tires myself?)

We encourage tire installations to be done by a professional. But if you choose to install tires on your own be sure to properly install the lug nuts by hand/wrench/ratchet and torqued (double checked) to the proper rating before driving. Rims newly installed will need to be double torqued after the first 50 to 100 miles after initial installation.

Air Pressure (How much air should I add to my tires?)

All vehicles have a tire placard typically in the drivers side door or driver side frame. This will display your proper tire pressures stated by the manufacturer. It is the drivers responsibility to check and maintain tire pressures.

Processing Times (How long does my order take to process?)

Please allow for up to (24-48 business hours) for your order to process. Once your transaction has been processed an email with shipping information will be sent to the address on file.

Shipping Times (How long does it take to receive my order?)

Shipping times will depend on the inventory availability, ship to location and its proximity from the nearest local warehouse. We do our best to allocate the nearest items to your shipping location through our distributor network and get those items into our shipping carriers asap. (Shipping times typically range from 3-10 business days)

Cancelation Policy (How do I cancel an order?)

If you need to cancel an order it must be sent to us within 30 min of the processed order. If the cancellation is after this point the return may be subject to restocking/shipping fees, if the order has already been processed and shipped.

Return Policy (How do I return an item?)


If your order is shipped and is sent to an address that is non-deliverable your items may get sent back to the original warehouse. In this case you will need to email us at info@pitstopoverland.com and you will not incur any additional charges and a new delivery will need to be scheduled. In most cases the products will be left by the shipping carrier at the delivery address with a confirmation of location (i.e. “by the garage”, “front door”) at this point it is the responsibility of the receiver to take possession of the delivered items.

If your order is wrong from the warehouse the product will need to be sent back and a new order will be placed and shipped to the address on file. The receiver must email us at info@pitstopoverland.com for the incorrect shipped items and a prepaid return order will be provided. If the original items are not sent back within 7-10 business days the customer will be charge for the unreturned product(s).

If you have made an order for tire(s) incorrectly that has not been verified by either our system or one of our qualified staff the returned tire(s) are subject to additional restocking, and shipping fees.

Returned tires will need to be delivered to a local warehouse within the state you reside or will need to be shipped back to the receiving warehouse via shipping carrier. All tires incorrectly ordered require 7-14 business days after shipped back or delivered to designated warehouse to process for a refund minus any shipping cost, and after warehouse verification of uninstalled products.


Please reach out to our staff if you have any tire fitment questions before ordering as this will ensure you are not responsible for additional fees.

If you have any questions about tire sizes or fitment feel free to email us at info@pitstopoverland.com.

Please include your vehicle: year, make, model, sub model, original tire size, and/or upgraded rim size, suspension stance or modifications and manufacturer information so we can accurately help determine what will fit on your vehicle.

(All policies are subject to change at any time and are updated as soon as available.)

Tire Fitment Inquiries

If you have any tire fitment questions, please reach out to us at info@pitstopoverland.com. We can help with most technical questions regarding your vehicle build out and range options. Additionally check out our tire fitment guide pages where you can see tire size ratios and conversions to help understand sizing dimensions.